Australia's Youngest

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Ashleen Khela is the youngest Australian girl to become published author of her book ’17 Stories’ at the age of 11

About Author

youngest Australian girl to author a fiction story book

Ashleen Khela is 11 years old girl living in Kenthurst suburb of Sydney’s north west in Australia.

How to buy hard copy of her book and support her cause for humanity?

Please deposit money into the following account and send her receipt for required number of books by email text or watsap. You can also make a bank cheque payable to Ashleen Khela and post it to 10 Porters Road Kenthurst NSW 2156. Please include your name or your children’s and include your postal address in the message. She will include her autograph and write a personalised message for you or your children on the first page of the book. She will then send you requited copies by post. Her personal email is ,
Her text or whatsapp number is +61432326775


Sweet Words from Readers

Felt pretty glad after knowing the fact that Ashleen, who’s just 11 years old kiddo authorised a book naming ‘17 stories’, that holds tales having ample of imagination, fantasy, magic, mystery and even inspirational morals. I read the book in no time as it genuinely created infinite interest, i couldn’t help myself and finished it in just one sit. Situations are presented so well with perfect choice of words and exclamations are like iceing on the cake. Reader is actually going to feel it . Paintings are also admirable. You have done extremely fascinating job Ashleen. More kudos to you ….!
Kalewal Beet, Hoshiarpur (India)
11 years old Ashleen’s fiction ‘17 Stories’ is an emotional, dreamy, intense and innermost response to the contemporary technology obsessed and social media crazy world that is full with the emptiness, hopelessness, hollowness, sorrow and sadness. The readings take the readers into the land of fantasy fused with hope, philosophy and creativity. Besides, these stories provide a new hope that our younger generation is creative, sensitive and emotional. Long love Creativity.
Kumar Sushil (Dr)
Associate Professor English & Head Department of Languages Punjabi University Guru Kashi Campus Damdama Sahib Talwandi Sabo  , Punjab India