I don’t have kids can I still donate money to Ashleen?

Ashleen does not wish to ask for money or raise funds without doing any hard work of her own. In other words she does not wish to accept donations without selling her book. But she still values your intention to support her cause. If you do not have kids within your immediate or extended family, and you are not interested in keeping her book at home, you can either buy one or more copies of her book to donate those to your local library or underprivileged school libraries in developing nations or you can request Ashleen to donate certain copies of the book on your behalf when she travels overseas. Ashleen will autograph the copies for you and donate those to the underprivileged kids in Indian or developing nation’s school with a personalised message written by her on the first page of each copy ,” This copy of the book has been proudly sponsored and donated by Mr or Ms XYZ from XYZ country.”