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As the name suggests, this book has 17 different stories. Most of them have inspiring morals for kids. Reading these stories is like going on an adventure with the characters. This book is a journey to an exciting and fictional land somewhat far away from reality, just waiting for you to unfold it. The moment this book is opened in your hands, you’ll drift into the land of fantasy! There is no limit to the imagination when reading this book. Ashleen takes her readers on an exciting journey, ranging from her Hills District Sydney backyard during the Covid pandemic to the fantasy land of caves, mountains, bushes, and the plains of rural India.

In one of the chapters she blends her real life pandemic lockdown experiences with her creative imagination. The story also sheds light on how an Australian school kid felt being at home during lockdown.

In this story, Elisa and Josephine, she blends her real-life trip to India with her imagination to create a classic, high-quality mix, concluding with a great moral for kids.

So what are you waiting for? Buy a few copies today to go on a fascinating and exciting journey of fictional fantasy land while supporting charities and underprivileged kids through Ashleen’s writings.


Autumn Art


45 Pages


17 November 2023