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youngest Australian girl to author a fiction story book

Ashleen Khela is 11 years old girl living in Kenthurst suburb of Sydney’s north west in Australia. She is the youngest Australian girl to author a fiction story book and whose book has been published at the age of 11. Her passion is writing. She is in year six at Kenthurst Public School. She enjoys writing and also enjoys reading her narratives. Her hobbies include writing, dancing, singing, acting, drawing and helping others.

Her debut book ‘17 Stories’ has some of her works over 2022 and 2023, and all of her texts are fictional in this book. Despite her parents being able to support her financially , she chose to raise her own funds to pay all the expenses related to the publication of her book. She collected empty plastic and glass bottles as well as empty soft drink cans for over two years, took them to NSW recycling stations to collect funds for her book. In addition to this, she also planted and sold mango, guava , yucca and jacaranda plants online from her backyard for over two years before coming up with sufficient funds for the publication of her book. She also opened her many years old piggy bank to use gold and silver coins to pay for postal expenses to transport her book from overseas publisher to Australia.

She wishes to donate all profits raised through the distribution of her debut book towards cancer council of Australia, children starlight foundation and underprivileged kids in developing nations.
When she grows older, she wishes to establish her own charity to assist the underprivileged kids in developing nations. In addition to continuing her writing hobby, she wishes to become a doctor by profession and volunteer for social justice organisations to raise awareness about human rights , kids abuse and environmental issues. She plans to author one book every year to raise funds for charity.

Ashleen works very hard to strive for her best in all areas. Here is what she has to say about her debut book: “ I would firstly like to thank my family, teachers and my school for supporting me throughout my writing. I would also like to specially thank my parents who told me and still tell me that Nothing is impossible! Without them and their love and support throughout my journey of working towards my fist book, I would have fallen apart or given up, so thank you mum and dad!”

Here is what she said to everyone who bought his book or are in the process of buying her book fo support the charity, “I have no words to express my gratitude. Your support means a lot to me. Without you buying or sponsoring my book and without your support, I would not be able to pursue my dream of doing things for charity and giving back to the humanity. I hope you or your loved ones will enjoy reading my writings. Please keep supporting my cause.